Why Extended Travel is Deeply Calming

If you need a break from work you have many options. A normal seven or eight day vacation might not provide the healing that you need. It could easily increase your level of stress. Travel should be meaningful and refreshing.

When you get off a 10 hour flight to stay a few days somewhere you've just wasted more than a week of your life because you didn't spend your money wisely. Even if you are the busy CEO of a company worth billions of dollars I still think you are living life the wrong way. Stop feeling chained down to something. You deserve much better. With a little planning and reorganization of your company or life you can enjoy more freedom and create more value in your life.

If you are on vacation but the whole time you are worried about work then you haven't ever left the office and you aren't taking the break that you need. A good break from work will help you perform more effectively and give you inspiration to the many business problems that you are faced with.