How Expensive is a Long Vacation?

Long vacation? Sounds expensive!

In reality, it's probably cheaper for you to be traveling than just staying where you are now. Long-term travel, or even a 3 month workcation can actually help you pay off debts through cost-savings.

Why do people spend so much on vacation?

I think people don't realize how insane spending more than $50 per day on a hotel is when they absolutely wouldn't spend that money on an equivelantly priced house. For me, if you're going to be on vacation, then it shouldn't matter how extravagant your sleeping room is because you should be spending most of the day outside anyway. And if you're on an extended vacation it is not difficult to see the financial sense of renting a short term apartment versus staying at a $100/night 'budget' inn. When you're constantly traveling every one to three months then the inside of your apartment becomes less important. The whole city can become your 'apartment'.