Hechuan, China - $18.32/day

Country Place Daily Lodging Daily Food Other Minimum Daily Budget (per person)
China Chongqing, China $4.63 $13.04 $0.66 $18.32

Communal Work Spaces Cities Nearby Villages Nearby
Many but it depends where you live 130 km to Luzhou, China
142 km to Nanchong, China
144 km to Neijiang, China
172 km to Zigong, China
206 km to Dazhou, China
219 km to Yibin, China
226 km to Zunyi, China
270 km to Chengdu, China
273 km to Mianyang, China
Yudong, China
Beibei, China
Jijiang, China
Daan, China
Heyang, China
Yongchang, China
Fuling, China
Luzhou, China
Nanchong, China
Anju, China
Neijiang, China
Suining, China
Tongzi, China
Zigong, China
Taihe, China

By Prof.Chen Hualin [CC BY-SA 3.0]