UNESCO Creative Cities Network (UCCN) Table / CSV

I couldn't find an easy way to access a list of the UNESCO Creative Cities so I've compiled a full list of the world heritage sites and creative cities as a big list here. It will be kept up to date as new cities/sites are added. The distance column estimates how far the creative cities are from the world heritage cites.

UNESCO Creative Cities Network list (180 cities): Download (OpenDocument Spreadsheet file)

UNESCO Creative Cities Network list + closest world heritage site (173 of the 180 cities): Download (.csv file)

UCCN + all WHC Sites 2018 (the above plus all near world heritage sites): Download (.csv file)

UNESCO Creative Cities which were far from any world heritage sites (7 of the 180 cities) are in this list (.csv file) and below:

(All files are UTF-8 encoding.)

City Country Type lat long notes region iso_code tmpkey index
Toronto Canada Media Arts 43.7 -79.42 Northern America CA ca toronto 33
Qingdao China Film 36.09 120.33 Eastern Asia CN cn qingdao 44
Bogota Colombia Music 4.5964 -74.0833 South America CO co bogota 50
Nagoya Japan Design 35.155 136.915 Eastern Asia JP jp nagoya 112
Detroit United States Design 42.3834 -83.1024 Northern America US us detroit 170
Kansas City United States Music 39.1239 -94.5541 Northern America US us kansas city 173
Montevideo Uruguay Literature -34.858 -56.1711 South America UY uy montevideo 177

Last updated: 2018-12-13